Google TensorFlow

Google TensorFlow aids in predictive analytics which involves scanning large amounts of data, spotting unusual patterns explaining complex, non-linear relationships from amidst huge silos of data collected in the past, put it under the what-ifs of present context and make probabilistic predictions about the future. In layman’s language, it utilizes concepts of statistics, modelling, data mining and artificial intelligence to provide insights that helps in picturing the future.

Predictive analytics applications are relevant today for every industry — be it travel & transportation, logistics & supply chain, healthcare and pharma, banking & finance, agriculture & education — assisting various business functions like marketing, customer service, operations & others.

Here we list a few use cases of predictive analysis using Tensorflow.
Predicting Stock Prices Using Tensorflow and Predictive analysis :
It’s comparatively easier now to predict price for stocks based on  analysis of past stock performance history, taking in context present  day news related to that stock and analysing the sentiment associated with it alongside several other simple and complex indicators.
Detecting Fraudulent Activities:
One of the applications of Predictive analysis in finance could be detecting and preventing suspicious manipulation of stock prices by  discovering inappropriate patterns of  buying and selling of stock shares among a group of somehow connected individuals, popularly  called as circular trading.  

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