Marketing Strategy

Star Pacific have adopted unique marketing strategies for the sale of its Token.These strategies include:

Airdrop Campaign
Star Pacific will conduct an airdrop campaign. Airdrop threads will be created and posted on BITCOINTALK. This will create public awareness and enable promotion of all Star Pacific social media platforms. Participants will be rewarded with Star Pacific tokens for carrying out specific tasks

Press Releases
Star Pacific will promote professional press releases and blog postings for the marketing of its token. Press releases will be featured on leading cryptocurrency sites globally.

Advertising Through Prominent Cryptocurrency Exchanges campaign:
Star Pacific will capitalize leading cryptocurrency exchanges as a major marketing tool. Banner ads will be placed on most exchanges to enhance marketing and boost brand awareness

Social Media Marketing
Social media is a major tool for marketing of cryptocurrencies. Star Pacific will adopt maximum social media strategies for the marketing of its tokens. Platforms such as; telegram, reddit, facebook, twitter, instagram etc. will be utilized for the promotion of Star Pacific token.

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