Partner Agreement

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Partner Program

Partner Agreement


Early Partner: Partner who has join and made sales before January 1st 2020

Early Investor: Investors who have holds 💲PC 250 or more during December 31st, 2019 to January 1st, 2020 and register on our website as a Investors

Partner: Who Joined or made sale after January 1st 2020

Investor: Who hold at least 💲PC 2,500 and have register on our website as Investor.

1. Early Partners will continue to receive their reward of 0.5% on their Early Investors equity, but the Partner Reward Slab shall be applicable for the New Investors.

2. Partners will be paid reward based on the following slab.

Month Sale Reward on Clients Equity %
0 – 2500 0.2% Per Week
2501 – 5000 0.3% Per Week
5001 – 10,000 0.4% Per Week
10,000+ 0.5% Per Week

3. For Early Partners and Partners, New Investors commission will be calculated weekly but rewarded on 1st of every month.

4. Partners sales will be accounted if selling from our website and Channel Partners. Exchange sales will not be calculated as monthly sales but if a investor has purchase 💲PC from exchange and hold it partner will continue to receive the reward on based on Investors Account Equity.

💲PC Partner Program is designed to help you create new opportunities for maximizing your profits and quicker growth of your business. It provides:

  • Competitive conversion rate
  • Efficient and only up-to-date marketing tools
  • Flexible Partner Reward structure
  • Transparent and easy to use reporting
  • Handy tracking system
  • Personal approach to each Partner
  • 24hrs support from your dedicated personal manager
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