Starpacific Token

Star Pacific Token is an ERC20 Token which will serve as a utility and security token on all Star Pacific Platforms. The Star Pacific Token will be used for the following:
Star Pacific Token will serve as a utility token for shopping
Paying Bills
Star Pacific Token will serve as a utility token for paying bills like electricity bills, phone bills, gas bills etc
Book Tickets
Star Pacific Token will be used to book tickets.

If one registers with us as a Partner they will get a reward of 0.5% per week of what ever buyers we are getting from them

Key Features

Holders of  Star Pacific Token will Receive a weekly reward of 2.5% for holding 250 Tokens or more in their wallet, in order to be eligible for this reward, you will need to visit our website and register inorder to invest.

Fixed Price: Star Pacific Token Price will always be fixed and sold on our Website for $1.

Buy Back Guarantee: Unlike all other Tokens,Our Investors do not need to pass through the rigorous process of looking for  buyers.They can easily sell back to us at a fixed price of $1.

After Dec 31, Star Pacific Coin will only sell 10,000 Token per day, hence increasing demand in exchanges and other network hence increasing price of the coin.

Benefits of Token Holders

Fixed Price
Unlike other Tokens, out token value will never be below 1 dollar- It  will only go up. You do not need to ever be worried about our prices going down. Our prices will never go down that is what we are offering.

Marketplace & Community
Due to the unstable nature of cryptocurrencies, certain businesses  do not accept some tokens but ours is stable, all businesses will accept it.

Global e-Residency
You will be able to buy and sell from any part of the world. No location is limited. You will have a Border less Digital Presence.

Personal Loans and Insurance
You will be able to get loans and insurance with ease. You will  have Crowdfunding for your Personal needs.

Permanent Growth
Your funds will able to grow. Star Pacific Platform allows you to grow your funds.

General Ecosystem
Star Pacific Token internal currency can be used in another.

Our Hedge Fund Distribution

We take security of funds very seriously, hence we divide the funds into multiple strategies

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